What is Chromozoom?

What is Chromozoom?

Chromozoom provides DNA in-depth, advanced genetic testing of the widest range of genetic variants. Our clients receive lifetime benefits as we continually update their results according to latest scientific discoveries and the lifestyle changes of our customers. But why is DNA testing so beneficial?

DNA does not change during life. This means that test results are valid for a lifetime. The genetic makeup of every person is unique and each person has their very own specific needs. With insight into your genetic information, you no longer have to experiment with your lifestyle and health. Instead, you can find out exactly what your body needs to feel good.

For those interested in nutrition and diet, the ChromozoomNutri test helps you find out what food and drink is good for your body, gives you practical recommendations for the intake of essential nutrients (vitamins, minerals etc.) and teaches you how to achieve a balanced diet.

Sports enthusiasts will surely love ChromozoomSport. Discover your athletic potential, determine if you are better genetically equipped for strength or endurance, and learn how to train and regenerate to maximise your performance while minimising the risk of injury.

ChromozoomDerma helps you get healthier skin and improve your confidence. The test will help you minimise the probability of developing common skin conditions, learn how to moderate their impact and find out which active ingredients work best for your skin.

Get strong and healthy teeth and gums thanks to ChromozoomDental. Discover your genetic probability of parodontosis, dental cavities or gum inflammation, and get personalised recommendations for the perfect oral care routine.

ChromozoomVision gives you insights into the probability of developing eyesight defects and offers recommendations how to protect your vision in the long-term.

Thanks to the ChromozoomBeauty test, you will find out what your skin is doing and what harms it, tell you how to slow down skin aging and symptoms, and advise you how to protect your skin from environmental influences and how to avoid the most common cosmetic problems. You will also get recommendations on cosmetics that are suited to your genes.

Whichever one of our tests you choose, testing your DNA will represent a step towards a better and healthier life. If you have any questions about our tests or the process of genetic analysis, please contact our Customer Support team.